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Brown Box has a dedicated physical server with Servers Australia, which provides a robust, reliable, high-performance and cost-effective hosting solution. For improved security and performance, each site is hosted in their own container, with the fully customisable mix of services and resources to meet any need. Our server is supported by the highest level of support “Titan” to ensure maximum uptime and complimented by our own internal support, security and maintenance processes and SLAs.

As part of our managed solutions, we layer CloudFlare over the top as a DNS relay to improve and localise performance and prevent threats. Our hosted sites are fully backed-up at a site level on a schedule and to a remote location, as well as being backed up at a server level; if something was to go wrong we want to make it easy to recover your site and restore continuity.

Additionally, Brown Box also provides monitoring, support, security and maintenance. We use Uptime Robot to monitor your site. If your site goes down, our entire team is notified instantly; and everyone is responsible for responding to the incident. We take responsibility to ensure your service stays up and stays working.

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